To The Bone


Motherhood or Madness /&/ Specky Ginger C*nt.

November 18TH & 19th // 7:30 // £10

To The Bone Theatre Company Present: Motherhood or Madness & Specky Ginger C*nt - A double bill of new writing exploring modern identity. These pieces challenge societal norms and the idea of conformity by pushing the boundaries between comedy and drama. 

 Motherhood or Madness - By Didi Cederstrom
A mother who has difficulties connecting to her daughter is trapped in a silence. This one-woman show takes the audience on a journey from the end of a mother’s pregnancy until her daughter is 10 years old. By exploring the mother’s lack of connection to her child this piece challenges the expectations of motherhood and the concept of the “ideal” mother. What is considered as an ideal mother today and how do you possibly become her? And what happens if you feel that you are simply not cut out to be a mother? 

Specky Ginger C*nt - By Eoin McKenna
Labels, great for food, not so great for people. 

What happens when a twenty-something acting student has an identity crisis? They exploit it and make a piece of theatre. 

Specky Ginger C*nt is a piece of autobiographical solo performance. It is a coming-of-age comedy drama which, as the name suggests, is a completely self-deprecating, no-holds-barred exploration of what it means to be me. The central theme of the piece is identity and the piece moves swiftly between comedy and drama whilst exploring how I learnt to wear the badge ‘Specky Ginger Cunt’ with pride. And who doesn’t love listening to a soothing northern voice for the best part of an hour? 

Ticket price includes admission to both pieces.
RUN TIME APPROX: 120mins (Including Interval)