Erase Erase Erupt


Erase Erase Erupt

MAY 12th-15th // 7:30 // £10

Presented by Pink Freud Theatre and friends

'Erase Erase Erupt' is a new festival of in-development queer and feminist theatre and performance. Across four evenings artists will explore queerness, sexual violence, gender identity and more in a range of mediums: theatre, spoken word, song, cabaret, drag. Expect a glorious programme of work from exciting emerging artists, pushing the boundaries of form and content, learning, discovering and exploding.

It is time for the voices of those who are usually erased, to erupt.

Line-up includes 'Fight. Flight. Freeze. Fuck.' (sold out at DARE Festival 2018), spoken word poetry from members of the Roundhouse Poetry Collective 2018-19, and cabaret and drag performers from across London.

Full programme to be announced.