Erase Erase Erupt


Erase Erase Erupt

MAY 12th-15th // 7:30 // £10

Presented by Pink Freud Theatre and friends

'Erase Erase Erupt' is a new festival of in-development queer and feminist theatre and performance. Across four evenings artists will explore queerness, sexual violence, gender identity and more in a range of mediums: devised theatre, spoken word, song, cabaret, drag. Expect a glorious programme of work from exciting emerging artists, pushing the boundaries of form and content, learning, discovering and exploding.

It is time for the voices of those who are usually erased, to erupt.

The festival will go across four nights, with two alternating programmes, details of which can be found below.

Programme One:
12th and 14th May

 Devised Theatre: ‘Fight. Flight. Freeze Fuck.’ by Pink Freud Theatre

 We have fought.
We have flown.
We have frozen.
And we have fucked.

Three people have stories to tell.
These are stories of smeared consent, sexual violence, rape.
Let’s create a space in which to hear them.
Let’s create a space in which they can respond to them. 

This is a play about voices and spaces and sexual violence. It is also a play about kindness.

Night of Cabaret:  

Lauryn England as Cakey Fake
Cerise Rei: burlesque performer
Jacob Adams as Reverend Adams
Anna Wilde as Daviday Dyke
ReiD8: dance and neo burlesque troupe
Headliner: Izzy Joan presents ‘Bi/ Bi’’




Programme Two:
13th and 15th May

 Devised Theatre: ‘Dead Reckoning’ by Clumsy Bodies 

'More Americans believe they have seen a ghost than have met a trans person' - Faye Seidler 

Based on interviews and archives from the trans and non-binary community, Dead Reckoning is a journey with no map to follow, where we’re making the rules up as we go along. How, as trans and non-binary people, do we write ourselves full of joy? How do we write ourselves living?

Night of Spoken Word:

Members of The Roundhouse Poetry Collective:
Oli Isaac Smith
Jess Rahman-Gonzalez
Maxine Sibihwana
Rae Levine
Manisha Mohan
Amelia Brown
Headliner: Lady Unchained