Dooms Day

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2nd & 3rd SEPTEMBER // 7:30 // £10

2017. Medford, New Jersey.

Josephe and Phylisse Doom are in love. And their love will last till the end of the world. But that might not be very long – not if their own predictions come true. Because something bad, they say, is going to happen. Soon.

As the Dooms prophesy the coming disaster, they become known far and wide, from daytime talk shows to megachurches. But when the day finally arrives, it brings something neither of them could have expected. It forces them to answer the question: How would you live and love if the world was ending?

‘Doom’s day’ is a new play developed for the Oxford University Drama Society's longstanding and renowned National Tour. It is based on a true story and a series of interviews with real people. By turns heartwarming and hilarious, it’s a theatrical romp at the end of the world.