Chagos 1971

September 8TH-11th // 7:30PM // £10/8

This is a bizarre, unbelievable, but true story – and a darkly hilarious play.

In 1971, representatives of the US and UK governments made a heinous decision somehow still unheard of in either society today. After promising the Chagos Archipelago to the Americans a few years earlier, the British government opted to clear the indigenous people living there using a truly bizarre method. 

Chagos 1971 tells that story, by combining the factual beats of the real events (they get stranger) with a "cracking soundtrack," an Armando Iannucci-esque level of snappiness and cutthroat comedy, making for a "highly innovative piece of student theatre that exposes the pervading legacy of British Imperialism with flair and sophistication" ***** (Young-Perspective.net). 

Fresh from a sell-out Fringe run, Chagos 1971 is making its way to London. A story of great importance and relevance, and highly recommended by audience members, it is not one to be missed (edfringe.com). Black Bat Productions is a young, emerging theatre company, established in 2017, that prioritises new and original writing. Previous productions include Mack the Knife Fringe 2017 (✰✰✰✰EUTV) and Technicolor Fringe 2018 (✰✰✰✰All Edinburgh Theatre).